W. Keith Goolsby

Owner Operator / CEO

W. Keith Goolsby is a Level III in RT, PT, MT, UT, and VT tested in accordance with ASNT-SNT-TC-1A.  Keith has been in the business since 1971.  Before opening Goolsby Testing and Goolsby Testing Laboratories, Inc. he worked for his father, W.G. Goolsby, at Graham X-ray.  Keith also was employed by Brown & Root.  He brought with him to Goolsby Testing, Inc. many years of experience which he has passed on to numerous staff members.

Will Goolsby
Vice President

Will Goolsby is our R.S.O. (Radiation Safety Officer).  He is under the guideline of the Texas Department of Health Services and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at all times. Will Goolsby is ASNT Level III in RT, PT, MT, UT, VT, and IRRSP.  ACCP Level III RT, PT, MT.  His ASNT # is 170794.

Meet the team

Goolsby Testing, Inc. has several technicians that are PED certified in RT, UT, LP, MP, and VT PED Certificate # is 3049325-16.  Our physical testing lab meets the requirements of ASME, AWS, API, and ISO 17025. We are A2LA Certified (ISO 17025) and on the Approved Vendor's List for FMC and Cameron. We have staff members qualified in Basic Phased Array with written examination and Advanced Phased Array training with PDQ examinations by the University of Ultrasonic's in Birmingham, Alabama.